Are you ready to travel?

Feeling ready to start traveling again?  So are we! Our agents have been keeping busy with product training and COVID-19 policy changes and updates to keep you educated as best we can.  We have been focusing on new exotic destinations and experiences to add to our already amazing list of destinations.

Schedule a quick 15-minute consultation.  100% FREE! Let's chat about your travel dreams and desires.  During this no-obligation, FREE consultation call, we'll be looking forward to learning about you, your travel style, and all about the vacation you've been dreaming of.


Why The Agency Chic?

The value of a travel agent is the ability to provide a personalized travel experience at the right quality and price and most importantly, saving time and energy for you our customer.

Sure, you can save money going online and spending hours to find the best deal. But a travel agent does the work and has the insight to match the right travel product at the right price with the appropriate needs. In fact, the value of a travel agent has become more enhanced in these COVID-19 times as the world becomes more complicated, time-deprived and stressful. Let us do all the hard work! You just go have fun!


Chat with one of our agents about customizing the perfect vacation for you! Nothing is too big or too small.  We can help you with every aspect of your trip. Transportation, accommodations, excursions, dinner recommendations, you name it.  We set you up and send you on your way.  All you need to do is pack.


Did you know that you can afford a Yacht style vacation? It's not only for the rich rich. We have partnered with some of the world's finest Yachting companies to bring you a safe capacity-controlled yacht experience at a price you can afford.  Exotic locations that the big cruise liners can't reach.  Saba, St. Barths, Grenadine, St. Vincents, and so many more locations.


Let your next vacation take you to the path less traveled.  Over the water bungalows, Maldives, Bora Bora, Thailand, African Safari.  None of those need to be on your bucket list if you take the trip now!  Heading out on a luxury tour offers adventure as opposed to simple relaxation. Paris is beautiful, and Tokyo is always exciting, but sometimes, you need something more from your vacation. Contact us today to get started.